About OBA

Oregon Business Association is the state’s most effective advocate for the long-term enhancement of Oregon’s business climate.

Formed by a group of Oregon business leaders, OBA provides bipartisan, statewide business leadership that strives to ensure Oregon’s continued economic competitiveness. Today, more than 250 businesses, from Portland to Boardman, from homegrown to Fortune 500, have joined to support OBA’s commitment to a healthy economy for all Oregonians.

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We are not content to simply study issues and make recommendations. We understand that to truly make a difference, we must roll up our shirtsleeves and show dynamic leadership in creating the change we envision. OBA gets involved at the ground level and advocates positions that are essential to sustaining a prosperous future for Oregon over the long term. We are not interested in short-term gains that favor one industry over another.

By conducting policy research, developing bold initiatives, building relationships with opinion leaders, serving on statewide policy committees and facilitating collaboration across sectors, we have garnered an impressive list of legislative achievements and public policies that contribute to Oregon’s livability and economic vitality.

Oregon Business Association’s statewide membership includes some of Oregon’s well-known homegrown companies such as Neil Kelly Company, Weiden + Kennedy, New Seasons, the Yoshida Group, Threemile Canyon Farms, and Sokol Blosser Winery as well as some of the state’s major corporations including NW Natural, NIKE, Inc., PGE, Wells Fargo Bank, Precision Castparts Corp., and The Standard.

These businesses share OBA’s vision, support its mission and share a commitment to the well-being of the state’s economy as a whole.