What OBA Offers


Leadership in Action

OBA believes that to make a difference, business must get involved. We’re not content to simply study an issue and make recommendations. OBA gets involved at the ground level and advocates positions that sustain a strong future for Oregon. We demonstrate leadership for the long-term and avoid advocating for short-term gains that favor one industry over another or short-change Oregonians.

Balanced Leadership

As a bipartisan, statewide business organization, OBA takes a balanced and collaborative approach to the development of public policy. OBA members recognize that issues affecting the livability and prosperity of Oregonians are synonymous with business issues.

Leadership with Vision

OBA takes the long view in working to shape public policy issues affecting Oregon’s economic competitiveness and quality of life. OBA believes we can create prosperity without compromising the environment.

Leadership with Values

OBA works to develop a world-class education system from pre-kindergarten through higher education; achieve and sustain economic progress for all Oregon business and industry; restore and sustain Oregon’s quality of life for this generation and all that follow through responsible and advantageous business practices; and restore and maintain a reliable, efficient infrastructure and transportation system that accommodates growth.

Services: Research & Information

OBA develops innovative policy ideas to help Oregon business. From economic development to an efficient and effective education system, OBA ensures that a strong, balanced business voice will be there helping to shape public policy affecting you and your business.

OBA keeps members informed about the current issues facing our state. From renewable energy incentives to access and affordability of our higher education system, we provide information that will keep you and your business on the cutting edge.