Business, Environment and Labor Join Forces on Cool Schools

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The Oregon Business Association has joined with partners in the labor and environmental communities to urge the passage of “Cool Schools” legislation. HB 2960 will utilize existing funds to create an innovative mechanism for performing energy efficiency retrofits on public schools.

Improving the energy efficiency of Oregon’s schools is a smart investment of taxpayer dollars. Today’s efficiency improvements represent energy cost savings for decades to come, as well as protection from increasing and volatile energy prices.

“By reducing energy consumption in our schools, we can give taxpayers a better return on their investment by putting dollars directly into the classroom, instead of wasting resources on inefficient buildings,” says Oregon Business Association president, Ryan Deckert.

Those savings are helpful in this economy, as are the jobs that will be created by the program. With hundreds of buildings in need of retrofits statewide, Cool Schools puts Oregonians to work immediately and into the future.

“The Building Trades fully support Cool Schools legislation,” says John Mohlis, representative of the Oregon State Building and Construction Trades Council. “It will provide much needed jobs for our members, who have faced staggering unemployment the past two years.”

Cool Schools will also build on our clean technology and sustainability brand strengths. Our public school buildings will be centers of awareness of energy efficiency and conservation. “Energy efficiency programs spur development of a clean energy economy right here in Oregon,” said Jon Isaacs, Executive Director of the Oregon League of Conservation Voters. “This plan creates jobs and saves taxpayers money while making schools healthier for teachers and students.”