Deckert Speaks at Oregon CEO Summit

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OBA President Ryan Deckert was a featured panelist at the Oregon CEO Summit on Tuesday, May 3.  The event was covered by Oregon Business Magazine (excerpt below):

Oregon Business Association President Ryan Deckert was the second panel member to speak on innovation. “The last great hope for America is creativity and the American mind,” he said. He talked about the Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) and how it was working to support research and startups in Oregon through its various programs, including ONAMI, OTRADI, OWET and Oregon BEST.

Deckert agreed with keynote speaker Patricia Bedient’s point that a part of encouraging innovation is being open to failure. He described an OWET buoy launch, with a gathered crowd, balloons and decorations, only to have the buoy sink. “It’s almost Caddyshack-esque,” he laughed.

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