OBA Board Approves 2016 Session Priorities

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In the spirit of the upcoming 35-day legislative session, OBA’s Board of Directors has approved an agenda that fits the time constraints and state budget focus of interim sessions without letting go of our important priorities.

See the session calendar HERE

1. Instructional Hours (Pillar III): OBA works with education partners to ensure all of Oregon’s students have access to Oregon’s minimum standard of instructional and credit hours, particularly in grades 9-12, where the problem is more pronounced.

According to the Oregon Education Association, Oregon students receive one year less instructional time than the national average. In addition, Oregon’s high school graduation rate is the fourth worst in the nation. It is important for policy makers to recognize the importance of ensuring Oregon’s students get the hours they need in the classroom.

2. Criminal Justice Reform (Pillar I):
OBA has long advocated for criminal justice reform in the effort to keep prison populations from growing at an unsustainable rate, and thus, taking valuable state resources from other, higher priority programs, like education. We’re continuing those efforts to keep new prisons from being built in 2016.
3. Avoiding Cadillac Tax (Pillar I):
Health care costs for public employees will continue to be a major cost driver in the state budget. With so many health plans that would trigger the “Cadillac Tax” in 2018, it is critical that these plans be modified and costs curtailed. See an article by the Lund Report on this issue HERE.