OBA Endorses Governor Kitzhaber

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In an unprecedented early endorsement, the Oregon Business Association Political Action Committee (PAC) Board of Directors announced today that it has formally endorsed Governor John Kitzhaber for re-election.

The governor recently announced that he will run for a historic fourth term in office.

 “It’s no surprise that the national media has paid so much attention to Oregon because Governor Kitzhaber has shown the country how to govern by bringing people together,” said John Russell, founder of Russell Development, OBA PAC Board Chair. (Pictured at left) “John Kitzhaber has proven himself to be the energetic, forceful and innovative leader that Oregon has needed to produce big results. We need those qualities for the next four years to tackle the daunting issues still facing us,” Russell said.

OBA’s early support is a not only a statement of confidence but a testament to the Governor’s balanced style of leadership, his work ethic and his ability to find the common ground necessary to make progress on difficult and politically charged issues.

“OBA prides itself on representing a balanced voice and Governor Kitzhaber has demonstrated a true commitment to taking on tough, seemingly intractable problems and getting results for Oregonians and our economy,” said OBA President Ryan Deckert.

OBA supports candidates from both sides of the aisle. The organization seeks to support independently-minded individuals who are balanced in their approach to solutions and have a clear vision to help grow the state’s economy.

Gov. Kitzhaber speaking at OBA’s annual Statesman Dinner in October, 2013.