OBA Applauds Bipartisan Effort on Energy Deal Announced Today

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OBA applauds today’s major announcement by Oregon environmental advocates and two of our biggest electric utilities, PGE and Pacific Power, that they have agreed to a deal to transition Oregon off coal power and double renewable energy use.

If this package passes in the 2016 session of the Oregon Legislature, it will eliminate the ballot measure proposed by the Renew Oregon coalition to address state greenhouse gas reduction.

This type of collaboration and hard work by partners on major issues impacting the state is exactly the type of bipartisan effort around balanced policy solutions that OBA stands for.

“More legislative compromises instead of ballot measures benefit Oregon’s economy and quality of life,” said Ryan Deckert, OBA President. “We look forward to doing due diligence on this issue and will present the proposed package to our Environment & Economic Development Policy Committee in advance of the 2016 legislative session for a full review and discussion on January 27.”

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