OBA Supports the Oregon Education Investment Board

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The greatest indicator of the economic well-being of a society is the educational attainment levels of its citizens. Marrying educational investment with research-based reforms will allow Oregonians to better compete in a global economy and is an important component of raising Oregon’s per capita income above the national average.

Today, Governor Kitzhaber will be taking a huge step forward by introducing an efficient and accountable governance system for public education that integrates early childhood development with K-12 and post-secondary education and training. SB 909 creates the Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB), which will change governance and funding structures to achieve better results for students, more resources for teachers, and a better return on investment for the taxpayers of Oregon.

Intel’s Morgan Anderson, who chairs OBA’s Education Committee, will testify today in the Senate Education Committee and voice OBA’s strong support for this transformational change in the education system, which fits well within the package of education bills that OBA is advocating for in Salem.

The Oregon Education Investment Board will:
• Develop an outcome-based budget proposing strategic investments across the public education system to ensure integration and coordination, and maximize returns on state investments.
• Oversee streamlining and connecting early childhood services to the K-12 system and streamlining and connecting the K-12 system to post-secondary education programs.
• Direct three subcommittees to advise the OEIB: the Early Learning Council, the K-12 Coordinating Commission, and the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.
• Develop a strategic education plan for Oregon, including a plan to consolidate and assume the functions of the Oregon State Board of Education and the Oregon Board of Higher Education.

Oregon Business Association applauds the Governor’s vision, and we look forward to continued work with the Governor, parents, superintendents, and education advocates to pass meaningful education reform that will improve governance, increase accountability, maximize teacher quality, and close the achievement gap. Our future depends on it.

We encourage OBA members to urge their legislator’s support for the OEIB and SB 909.