Recapturing the Oregon Advantage

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OBA leaders and policy committee members are gearing up to build a 2016-2017 agenda that recaptures the Oregon advantage.

This is first in a three-part series on OBA’s policy agenda.

Today (in Part I) we take stock of our past priorities before moving on to the future.

Today: How Oregonians Earn — Recapturing the Oregon Advantage
Wednesday, May 10 — Part II: How Oregonians Learn — Prioritizing Student Achievement
Friday, May 13, Part III: How Oregonians Move — The Critical Need for a Sustainable Transportation Plan

Part I: How Oregonians Earn

One of OBA’s top strategic imperatives is to champion policy that enhances per capita income and creates a climate that drives economic growth, wage growth & entrepreneurship.

Improving jobs gains and Oregon’s per-capita income statewide is a business priority. We set two major goals: Create 25,000 net new jobs per year through 2020 and bring Oregon’s per capita income from 90 percent of the national average to above it by 2020.

We continue see progress toward these goals. According to the March update by the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis, “The state’s average wage today, while still lower than the nation’s, is at its highest relative point since the mills closed in the early 1980s.” State economists report that Oregon job gains are “outpacing the typical state, as are wages for Oregon workers” and that wage increases aren’t limited to certain industries or regions.

Further, the state’s “Total Employment Gap” is closing quickly and currently stands at about 1%, the smallest since the dotcom bubble burst in 2001.

The economic data shows how critical the private sector is to powering Oregon’s economy.

OBA policy committees are planning now for 2017 legislative agenda priorities that will help us to continue to make progress now and in the future.

For more information about our policy committee efforts, go HERE.