THANK YOU! House Passes Bridge Funding

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The Oregon House approved a bill today in a  45-11 (4 excused) vote authorizing the state to issue $450 million in bonds to fund the state’s portion of a $3.4 billion project that would replace the Interstate 5 bridge over the Columbia River. The Senate is expected to vote March 4.

We applaud our legislators for approving this legislation and encourage the Senate to do the same. As stated in OBA’s 2013 Legislative Agenda, “OBA supports investing in the transportation projects necessary to increase Oregon’s economic competitiveness in the global market….It is imperative that Oregon commit to this funding in 2013 before the window of opportunity to leverage federal funding closes.”

YES Votes:

Representative Jules Bailey
Representative Jeff Barker
Representative Phil Barnhart
Representative Cliff Bentz
Representative Vicki Berger
Representative Deborah Boone
Representative Peter Buckley
Representative Kevin Cameron
Representative Brian Clem
Representative Jason Conger
Representative John Davis
Representative Michael Dembrow
Representative Margaret Doherty
Representative Shemia Fagan
Representative Joe Gallegos
Representative Chris Garrett
Representative Sara Gelser
Representative Vic Gilliam
Representative David Gomberg
Representative Chris Gorsek
Representative Mitch Greenlick
Representative Chris Harker
Representative Paul Holvey
House Democratic Leader Val Hoyle
Representative John Huffman
Representative Bob Jenson
Representative Mark Johnson
Representative Bill Kennemer
Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer
Representative Betty Komp
Speaker Tina Kotek
Representative John Lively
Representative Greg Matthews
Representative Caddy McKeown
House Republican Leader Mike McLane
Representative Nancy Nathanson
Representative Andy Olson
Representative Julie Parrish
Representative Tobias Read
Representative Jeff Reardon
Representative Dennis Richardson
Representative Greg Smith
Representative Ben Unger
Representative Jessica Vega Pederson
Representative Jennifer Williamson
Representative Brad Witt

*Excused: Reps. Barton, Freeman, Thatcher, Weidner